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Stamping, Forging Machines

IOTSYS Technologies Solution

Stamping, Forging Machines

Stamping and Forging machines continually play a very important role in India’s growth as World’s automotive manufacturing hub.
Stamping and Forging are highly competitive businesses in India. The manufacturers need to work on a very thin balance of costs and profits.
In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important for manufacturers to Control costs and be ahead of the competition.
The manufacturers can improve profits by reducing conversion costs drastically. Conversion cost includes the cost of process inputs like Manpower, Electricity, Compressed Air (a very expensive resource), Tool costs etc. Conversion costs can be upto 15-20% of your total cost of manufacturing.

MachineMonitor lets you monitor and reduce conversion costs by providing insights into production losses in real time.

You can track wastages in terms of Manpower utilization, Electricity consumption, Improve profitability of your packaging manufacturing factory using the power of machine data. Improve your bottom line significantly by improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
A mere 10% increase in plantwide OEE can give a whopping 83% improvement in profits*

Following Machines can be automated using our Technology

  • Stamping presses
  • Press Blanking
  • Hydraulic/mechanical presses
  • Composite presses
  • Cold forging presses
  • Warm forging presses
  • Hot Forging Presses
  • Or almost any other legacy presses
* Reference: https://new.abb.com/cpm/production-optimization/oee-overall-equipment-effectiveness/oee-as-a-financial-kpi
How do we do it?

Our Offering consists of 3 stages


Collect Data

We connect our own custom hardware and sensors to collect the right data from your machine

Process Data on Edge

The data collected is processed on the edge and only relevant data is sent on the cloud

Visualize Data on Cloud Platform

The machine data is transformed in a way to make it simple to read and understand, and help managers visualize and take action

Start With CorruMonitor

We provide the necessary training to get you going in a week. Mostly industry managers are using CorruMonitor to monitor and manage shop-floor. Discuss with experts
01. Brainstorming
Discuss with experts about
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install on machines
03. Transformation
Plan your improvemment
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