We have an end-to-end solution to digitize your factory floor. Forget the pain of hiring multiple agencies.

CorruMonitor Dashboard

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CorruMonitor Dashboard

It is India’s first, Industrial IOT Platform made for Packaging Manufacturers, that helps you in transforming your factory floor, reducing unplanned downtimes, increasing throughput and thereby improving profitability.

CorruMonitor lets you

  • Conveniently monitor multiple Machines data in near real time
  • Identify top reasons for Production Delays
  • Identify Job-wise wastages
  • Accurately calculate Job-wise Average Machine speed
  • Track machine life or job specific assets such as rotary dies, cutting blades etc
  • Download machine performance data in 1 click
Corrumonitor Dashboard

DIGITIZE YOUR Factory Floor with ease

Our powerful and easy to use production dashboard gives your team vital information about production parameters, helping them make the correct operational decisions.


Process inefficiencies and poor decision making often affects the efficiency of a factory floor, leading to significant downtime and production losses. All this is because the right Data is not available at the fingertips of the managers.
Basically Inefficient processes lead to downtime.


Collect, transform and utilize the power of data to make accurate, effective and quick decisions


Improve processes with automated cloud machine monitoring & OEE software to provide visualizations of real-time manufacturing production data.

Availability Analysis

Track utilization of your machines

Identify top Jobs with the highest downtimes, Compare downtimes across jobs, across days

Quality Analysis

Track wastages of your machines

Identify top Jobs with the highest rejections, Compare rejects across jobs, across days

Performance Analysis

Track actual machine speed against Target

Identify top Jobs with the slow speeds, Compare production speeds across jobs, across days

Consumable Reports

Track life of machine specific or job specific assets

Helps you accurately determine Rotary die life in terms of impressions or corrugator NC cutter life or any other such assets. Thereby accurately account for costs of expensive machine parts.

CorruMonitor Advantage

End to End

We have an end-to-end solution to digitize your factory floor

Edge Processing

Data is never lost even if the internet is not available

Secure Platform

Dashboard is secured by SSL certificate and we use Secure cloud servers

Easy to deploy

Quick & easy to deploy, factory could be Industry 4.0 ready in a single day

Operator Friendly

Our application requires minimum operator inputs and easy to use UI

Domain Expertise

We possess deep domain expertise of manufacturing process


Want custom apps to built around your data? We are ready to do it for you


Expect return on investment in a matter of a few weeks
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